Infant CPR Training

Why do you need to be CPR/First-Aid Certified? Cardiac arrest can happen anytime anywhere. If a child or infant’s heart stops, you should provide immediate CPR - compressions with breaths - until help arrives. Infants usually have healthy hearts. An infant’s heart often stops because the infant can’t breathe or is having trouble breathing.

Infant CPR Training

infantcpr-008By learning the skills of CPR and choking relief you can be better prepared to save a life.

Learn the lifesaving skills of CPR, anywhere or at any time. Practice and maintain skills to be prepared to act in an emergency. Share this lifesaving knowledge with family and friends.

It’s important to remember: Unresponsive + No breathing or only gasping = Provide CPR

Download How to Perform Child and Infant CPR

Christine Fordtran RDH, RDA, founded Imperial CPR Training Center to provide a needed and valuable service to many community members. Many health professions, businesses, schools, and daycare facilities require their staff to hold current CPR certification as a condition of their ongoing employment or continued licenses to practice in the State of Texas.

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